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Catchthebusiness Ltd   ( UK Office)

201i 5300 Lakeside, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle, England, SK8 3GP

Tel: + 44 7549 401575

Tel: +90 533 428 6712



Our Presentation-PDF :


Since 2005, as the pioneering organization company with comprehensive and continuous Export B2B organizations in the field of Automotive and Home Appliances Industry, our company is constantly increasing the export activities of the Suppliers by bringing the biggest manufacturers of the world together with the major suppliers from different countries.  


Our company has been laying the ground work for the supply activities by introducing the Russian,               the Middle East, Belarussian, Ukranian and other automotive manufacturers to the Subcontracting Industry on a wide-ranging and continuous platform.


Our activities in the Europe, Middle East, USA and many other countries are expanding at an increasing rate since 2006.


The key elements of our Export Organizations are as follows:


- They consist of Professional team players that optimally evaluate the purchasing activities of the

  representatives of global manufacturers and determine the decision-making stages.


- Maintaining continous and periodical organizations, creating platforms that allow regular and effective

  communication and interaction throughout all the stages, beginning from the first meeting with the

  manufacturers to becoming a supplier.


- Providing continous support services to our participants in their target export countries, including

  International Marketing, Transport, Customs Clearance, Logistics and all types of Purchasing processes.


- Preparing your platform to meet global manufacturers through our objective-driven and effective

  organizations. While attending fairs is naturally beneficial, it involves costly and uncertain results,

  but our B2B Export organizations help achieve your crucial export objectives through a very highly

  target-oriented and cost-effective approach.

CATCHTHEBUSINESS International  Org.Ltd.Şti. (Turkiye office)

Cumhuriyet mah. D-100 Karayolu cad. İstanbul Outletpark AVM.

No: 374 / 63 . Beylikdüzü - İstanbul


TEL: +90 212 807 0116  

TEL: +90 533 428 6712 ( Direct )

FAX: +90 212 310 6987


We strengthen the foundation for our organizations by cooperating with the Chambers of Industry

both in Turkey and abroad. It serves the subsidiary companies with a wider scope.

As another line of work, it works together with chambers of commerce and other institutions in the planning of organization events.

The Export Organizations That Are Carried Out Simultaneously With The Fairs Abroad

Supplier companies that are carrying out export activities regularly attend or visit the biggest fairs at the global level. During the sevisits, one activity that bolsters their export is doubtlessly laying the ground work for their Purchasing processes by meeting the biggest manufacturers and aftermarket companies in those countries.

Through its organizational work, our company strives to help carry out these activities



Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors in performing export activities is effective Marketing and Media services. We offer International Media Services that are suitable for small, medium-sized

and big enterprises in many countries.


Our company has been carrying out collaborative work for many years with sectoral magazines, pres and TV companies from various countries, and has organized International Marketing activities by bringing the companies demanding these services together within fluential media companies.


With a spearheading move in the media sector,our company published the “QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE” digitally for the first time, in collaboration with the International influential Media companies, and thus bolstered the effective marketing activities of our industrial companies in various sectors on international platforms. The“QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE”, published in the USA, has served as a communication medium for the Global Technology and the Turkish Industry for many years. As such, by presenting and informing about the International Advanced Technologies, our publication activities provided a formidable basis for our International Industrial Organizations, and laid the foundation for our ongoing Export Organizations with the major global manufacturers.

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